Carman Aubrea Twila Anyssa


In Memory of

Aubrea Twila Anyssa Carman

Daughter of Claudette Poplau

12-9-86 to 5-27-87

To My Daughter

You were the child I had longed for.
For so long, a daughter.
My little girl to dress in dresses, pink, lace,
With barrettes in your hair.
You were so beautiful with a lot of dark hair.

I held you when you were born.
I held you when you were happy.
I held you when you cried and
I held you when you died.

You were my future, I lost that and part of myself
When you died.
The years have passed and I wish I could hold you
And love you again.
I miss you so much, I love you so much
My Daughter.
You will be in my heart forever.

Love Mommy

By Claudette M. Poplau written about her daughter
Aubrea 12/9/1986 to 5/27/1987